The world has ended. You are deep underground, and all alone with a cheery AI companion. You will have to mine and build to survive, and search for other survivors to help you. Will you be able to reach the surface? And what will you find when you get there?

Aground Zero is a 3D spinoff of our previous game, Aground.

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 Good morning! I am PAI - your Personal AI - and I am here to assist you!

I apologize for awakening you early, but you have slept through the end of the world!

But don't panic, I am here to help! With me and your trusty protosuit, you'll be able to mine ores and build an underground base to live in!

There might not be sunshine down here, but at least you're not alone. I've located several other survivors you can wake up and bring to your newly constructed base!

But, if you want to reach the surface, you'll have to do more than just survive. You'll need to:

Expand and automate your base...

Get help from familiar faces...

And, I don't want to alarm you, but I'm detecting creatures down here that are definitely NOT native to Earth!

While I might not be programmed to deal with post-apocalyptic scenarios, I'm certain humanity is safe in my capable hands. With a little help from you of course!


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David Maletz


I like creating games and new worlds to explore. I especially enjoy making games with interesting mechanics or twists.

Chase Bethea

Sound Designer

Chase Bethea is a freelance Composer, Sound Designer/Audio Engineer for Video Games and a variety of other Media.

Natalie Maletz

2D Artist

I'm a writer and artist who loves magic, mystery and heartfelt stories.