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Hi! I'm really enjoying your game! Totally hooked up.
But I have a trouble understand spell system. Every battle if I use a spell too much, it turns gray and I can't use it. But... I still have mana required to cast it. Are there any other conditions other than having enough mana to cast spells?
Also i have a problem with healing and revive spells that my followers have. They just simply aren't using them.


  • The only requirement to use spells is to have enough mana. However, you can only use mana to the right of the thumb on the mana bar - to the left is mana your divine followers can use. Drag the thumb to the left give more mana to yourself for casting spells!

    As for what skills the followers use, there's a priority system and a bit of randomness. But the best way to ensure a follower uses a particular skill is to disable the other skills. You can do this by clicking and holding on the follower, then selecting one of the four skills in the skill ring. This will enable the selected skill and disable all other skill, and can be changed as often as you want in battle (to choose what you want the follower to use next).

    Tutorial Images

    You can also do this by clicking on the follower to view its stat sheet, then clicking on view skills, then clicking on the icons to enable/disable them (which is more flexible, as you can choose which skills you want enabled instead of choosing a single skill to enable).
  • Thanks, after playing all day I've figured that the cause of my problems was the mana slider. But thanks for the reply.
    Really great and addictive game!
  • No problem - I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Getting the right info and notifications to players is one of the big things I'm adding in the next version of the game - like followers telling you they are out of mana, out of range, etc. Instead of having to read the tutorial, you could just react to the notifications to figure out how to play!
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