Aground Update 1.0.8

This is another small-ish update that’s setting up systems that will be needed for the next major update. The main changes are the equipment system/window, item durability, and shields. Shields don’t have infinite durability, and you can’t attack or mine while they are held, but they block all damage until they run out of durability (excluding critical hits). It adds a lot of new interesting combat options versus all enemies.


The full changelog is as follows:
  • The Equipment Window including characters stats (and revising how equipment works)
  • Items can now have durability and be destroyed. Repairing them will come later :P.
  • Shields!
  • You can sell items from your storehouse directly in the market.
  • You can specify how many items you want to craft at once.
  • Alchemist now adds dragonblood from the wyrm pen to the storehouse periodically.
  • Coin limit shown on coin purse, and you can’t sell items when you’ve hit it.
  • No more instant-collection of animals from pens.
  • Tweaked dragon, yeti and fire chicken enemies.
  • Other minor tweaks/improvements/bugfixes.
The equipment system was needed for the pets/familiars, so you have a way to select who you want following you. That’ll be the next update unless there are high priority bugs that need fixing, along with growing (and flying on) your dragon!

I hope you enjoy!
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