Aground Update 1.0.3

The first update for Aground is live!

It contains a lot of improvements to the existing content of the first island, and includes a few new items. The full changelog is as follows:
  • Added auto-consume for health restoring items before death.
  • Changed surface structures to be accessible with UP key.
  • Added a workbench item for crafting of some items anywhere - and made it available before steel items.
  • Added a chest item that can be placed anywhere and operated like a storehouse.
  • Allowed quests and crafting to take items from storehouse as well as your inventory.
  • Added a few Halloween-special items/graphics.
  • Added a French fan translation (set in options -> language).
  • Added a notification when NPCs add items to your storehouse.
  • Set escape key to unequip item quickly (if equipped).
  • Increased wyrm spawning rate a tad.
  • Increased wyrm and golem health.
  • Changed feed window to show what they eat. Changed wyrm food from steak to live pigs.
  • Added overall mute button (M).
  • Allow players to remove farm upgrades.
  • Allowed changing direction without moving a tile.
  • A bunch of other minor updates/tweaks and bugfixes.
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