Stardander at Steam Next Fest!

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Ready for some spooky magical mischief this fall? We’re showcasing a demo of our upcoming game, Stardander School for Witches, at the Steam Next Fest from October 3-10! We’ve been working hard on polishing the first chapter (of seven) to share for the demo, and we’re now all set to show it off in time for the festival!

Welcome to witch school! Learn spells, solve mysteries, make friends, and battle (or befriend) Fae creatures in a turn based battle system. Can you defeat the malicious enemy who has laid siege to the world?

We’ll also be running two featured live streams during the Next Fest.
  1. Our talented composer Chase Bethea will do a behind the scenes look at the music creation process for Stardander on October 7th at 2PM EDT:
  2. Watch the developers play their own game! A developer team playthrough (plus discussion/shenanigans) on October 8th at 4PM EDT:
The demo and live streams are free and open to all during the festival week, so please stop by our Steam page and say hi! This will be a great time to try out the game, interact directly with the developers and ask us any questions you might have.

For those who have been following Stardander's development, we were originally considering launching the full game this halloween. However, we made some major changes to the game’s structure after great feedback on our spinoff game, Stardander Revenant - which changed our trajectory. Plus, we wanted enough time to polish the game properly, and so decided to postpone the release and focus mainly on the demo this year. We don't have a firm release date yet but the full game will be coming out sometime in 2023!

Aground Zero

We haven’t forgotten about our 3D Aground spinoff - Aground Zero! Development is progressing well, and we even plan to share a demo in the Steam Next Fest in February 2023!

The world has ended. You are deep underground, and all alone other than your AI companion. You will have to mine and build to survive, and search for other survivors to help you. Will you be able to reach the surface? And what will you see when you get there?

The demo content of Aground Zero is already mostly done, it just needs some polish and a few more 3D models. Since you can build bases from pretty much the beginning, the demo requires a large percent of the models to be complete. I’ve started working on the questlines and NPCs beyond the demo area - and I’ll probably update the trailer and share more about Aground Zero once those last incomplete models are done!

For those curious about why we decided to make two games at the same time, I just released a blog post all about it here:
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