Aground Coming Soon to Consoles!

Aground will release on the PS4, Switch and XBox One 2/11/2021!

After some delays and challenges, we’re finally ready to announce exactly when Aground will be coming to consoles (PS4, Switch and XBox One)! I know many of you have been waiting for a while and keep asking when they are coming, and that date is now set: February 11th, 2021! Mark your calendars!

I hope you’re looking forward to the release! The console versions are being published by Whitethorn Digital and have all of the offline features of the game. Online features (like mods and multiplayer) are a little more challenging on consoles, but may come in a future update depending on how the console launch goes!

This is our first game to come to consoles - a major milestone for Fancy Fish Games and everyone on the development team! Achievement unlocked! We’ll be in our Discord ready to celebrate on the 11th!
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