Multiplayer Live & Launch Date!

edited April 2020 in Aground
Aground has finally reached update 2.0 - and it’s a big one - it adds co-op multiplayer! You might have seen the multiplayer beta announcement:, but it has now been tested and is ready for everyone to try!

More big news: we now have an official launch date - we will leave Early Access on April 17th! To celebrate, we created a revised, launch-ready trailer with the help of friend @MJoshua and score remix by Chase. Watch it here:

To play a game in Multiplayer, one player must host a save slot (it can be a new game), and then others can join that save.

To host a save, select Multiplayer, enter a name for yourself and select Host Game, then select a slot to host.

To join a game, select Multiplayer, then enter a name for yourself and select Join. It will show a list of everyone publicly hosting the game and you can select one to join, or you can manually input their IP address to join their game.

We also added a chat feature for Multiplayer - in game, hit Tab to chat, and type /help in chat for a list of useful commands!

Some April 1st shenanigans in the Multiplayer Beta.

We also added our first official translations: by popular demand, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese! We are still planning on adding more, but these translations were included in the big 2.0 update!

I hope you enjoy being able to play with friends, and let me know if you come across any issues! With only a few days until our full launch date, we’re hoping to fix any last minute bugs and maybe add a few more last minute quality of life updates!

Going out is dangerous! Stay in and play Aground!

P.S. Don’t forget to join the social channels below if you haven’t already:

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