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  • Aground
    All updates for the game Aground.
  • Fancy Fish Games
    General information and announcements about non-game specific happenings at Fancy Fish Games.
  • New Game Annoucements
    Announcements about new games and projects at Fancy Fish Games. This list only sends one e-mail per new project, and you can then subscribe to the new projects that sound interesting to you for more updates!
  • Reality
    Updates for the game .
  • I Can't Escape
    Updates for the game I Can't Escape, and it's sequels (including I Can't Escape: Darkness).
  • Havencall
    Updates for the game Havencall.
  • Deity Quest
    Updates for the game Deity Quest.
  • Smaller Projects
    Updates on all our smaller game projects that don't have a list of their own.


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