Aura is a strange girl who has recurring dreams of a world completely beyond her own - of the place where she truly belongs. Setting out to find the haven of her dreams takes Aura on an adventure across many worlds full of wonders and terrors. Overcome challenges, awaken new powers and fight perilous enemies as Aura embarks on an emotional journey to discover the truth of her universe.

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Havencall is a 2-4 hour fantasy point & click adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux.
Leaving ErithosAmuletTempleAmulet Close-upUpdated Art (Before & After)Hermit HutLakeside City"Temple" TownWastelands VillagePrototype: HometownWastelandsPrototype: RuinsDream ConceptAuraAura
Travel to vastly different realms, each with their own struggles, secrets and strengths, in search of the place you belong.
Move through stunning hand-painted environments and experience haunting original music in this immersive audio-visual journey.
Riddle your way through unique puzzles to unlock new areas and awaken secret parts of yourself, including powerful abilities you never knew you had.
Battle "active puzzles" requiring timing and skill to defeat magical devices and break free of the restrictions inherent in each world.
Delve into the mysteries of Aura's universe, her strange abilities, and her ultimate destiny in this novel point & click adventure.
Erithos Complete, Teaser Video & SceneEditor
May 27, 2014
By David Maletz
A deadline approaches, we have a whole world to complete, but at least Erithos is done! Read More...
Update and Changes!
Oct 12, 2013
By Natalie Maletz
This development update features new backgrounds/environments, and talks about some important changes we've made recently! Read More...
April Development Update
April 26, 2013
By Natalie Maletz
A progress update on what we've been working on since our last update, with behind-the-scenes details focusing on art, animations and writing! Read More...
Art Update
Dec 16, 2012
By Natalie Maletz
An update on the art of Havencall, what we’ve been working on recently, and where we are headed! Read More...
Early Prototype Completed
Nov 20, 2012
By David Maletz
An early version of Havencall is running, with movement and basic gameplay complete! Read More...
Announcing Havencall
Oct 21, 2012
By David Maletz
We are very excited to officially announce Havencall, our first game using the VIDE animation toolkit! Read More...

The Havencall Team:
David Maletz is a programmer, game designer, and writer. To learn more about David and his previous game projects, check out his personal website/blog: The Legend of Game Dev.
Natalie Maletz is an artist and writer and is married to David. To learn more about Natalie and her previous game projects, check out her personal website: Here.
Jamie Maletz is a musician and composer, and is David's sister. To learn more about Jamie and her music, check out her personal website: Jamie Maletz Musicals.