Bugs & Balance Issues : Would you consider a patch?

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Somewhere, I read that the last patch was released back in 2014. I'm confused: Steam says that your game was released in 2015. Steam also says quote, "Last Depots Update: 19 May, 2015", which is about 4 months after it was released on Steam.

Anyway, after many hours of play, I've noticed several instances of game behavior which many would classify as either a game balance issue or a bug.

1) Save Password Fail : On the DQDB/Net screen, the "Save Password" options does not work. Every time I tick this option and it always forgets my password the next time I try to log in.

2) Items Only Stack Up to 255 (or so) and there is no rollover : I say this because I know that I had collected well over 200 Apples. But then, suddenly, I saw that I only had 6 Apples! When it rolls past 255, it must roll over to 0. You should either limit each item stack to 255 or, perhaps, give a few gold in place of any beyond this. (I would have noticed when it stopped at 255 and then sold my excess! If I only knew, I could have sold my Apples for THOUSANDS of gold!) To reset back to 0 is a design oversight - effectively stealing the player's hard-earned stack of items.

3) No Way to Remove a Follower? : No offense, but... that is ridiculous. After a while, one's roster is filled with many followers that one never uses or stopped using. The "Other Followers" box eventually gets crowded. Very often, one converts an enemy only to later find the same enemy at a higher level. Please, give us a method to either remove followers or move them to a seldom-used, separate category.

4) No Way to Sort Followers? : Contributing to the problem above - the mess that becomes the "Other Followers" box - there is no way to SORT our followers. It would be super useful to have a button to sort our followers by level.

5) Hotkey Items Are Stuck? : After dragging items to a hotkey, they seem stuck permanently! There is no way to [Reset] items like there is for spells. Nor can I find a way to individually remove them. This is bad, because later in the game, after we can learn more spells, we have to put them in the second shortcut bar - assuming the second bar isn't filled with items, too...

(Edit: Reading around, I learned that we can drag individual spell icons from our Spells page onto items in our hotkey bar, replacing them. However, this is not at all obvious or user-friendly. A simple [Reset] button for the hotkey bar or items page would do wonders.)

6) Raising From a Low Level is, Apparently, Cheaty : Followers that are raised up from a low level end up being much tougher and more powerful than the same type of follower Converted at a higher level. Why should it be this way? This is non-intuitive as most players would much rather recruit a higher level enemy rather than go through the hassle of raising them from a low level.

Example: I converted a Jellyfish from level 1 and raised it up to level 4. It ended up with 144 HP, 192 SKL, and 80 DEF. In comparison, a level 4 Jellyfish normally has 126 HP, 168 SKL, and 70 DEF. This may not sound like much difference, but the more you level it up, the bigger the difference. (By the time you raise it a few dozen levels, the difference can be STAGGERING!)

7) Party Order is NOT Reset After Shuffle, Lure, or Roar : After a follower uses the Shuffle skill to change position, or after an enemy uses Lure to bring a follower to the front or Roar to scare a follower to the back, the party's new order becomes fixed. Logically, after the battle is over, one would expect the party's order to be reset back to the way it was before Suffle/Lure/Roar messed it up. Sadly, that does not happen. So, players must manually reorder their party after most battles. This makes things needlessly tedious.

8) BUG: Disabling "Strike" on the Yaktaur Bowman Does Not Work Right : When one disables all of the skills of the Yaktaur Bowman, with the exception of Frostbite, one would expect that the only skill they could use would be Frostbite. But, apparently, they occasionally still use Strike. This can be confirmed by attacking an enemy resistant to Normal damage, such as Ghouls, Zombies or other ghosts and undead. Almost half the time the "[Normal] is ineffective against [Ghost/Undead]" will appear. This should never happen if they are limited to Frostbite.

8a) Yaktaur Bowman are PATHETIC : Even if the enemy is not resistant, Frostbite seems downright weak compared with Doubleshot or even Shoot L2. Further, Yaktaur Bowman are extremely sucky even compared with the Centaur archers we can find in the very first area of the Good start. Compare Centaur's base 90 HP, 70 SKL, and 40 DEF with Bowman's base 60 HP, 40 SKL, and 40 DEF. Then consider how a lot of enemies do extra damage against Ice types...

9) It is Impossible to Entirely Explore Many Locations : Those locations with an abundance of impassible tiles like trees, bushes and water are such that the player can only explore part of it. For instance, one can explore only about half of Forest and perhaps 3/4 of Tundra. Due to the fog-of-war, I have to wonder if there are enemies, food, and chests which are sadly inaccessible. Perhaps your maze generation algorithm could be tweaked?

Also, I find it sad that there is no way to pass over those tiles. Even if our party of followers consists entirely of fliers, we can't pass over a single tile of water or bushes.

10) Number of Enemies in a Given Location is Fixed : If a player managed to kill off all the enemies at a location, then that location becomes barren and useless to the player. It's too bad that there isn't some way to "reset" a location, so that some or all enemies return, allowing the location to be replayed...

11) No Reward for Defeating All Enemies in a Location? I was hoping for some type of reward. Even a mediocre reward or some sort of progression system is better than nothing. Perhaps a "mid-boss" on the far right edge, which would drop something nice like a level-appropriate weapon? Or maybe an item for which several parts must be gathered from different locations? At the very least, I expected that defeating all enemies or reaching the far edge of the map would reset the location next time I visited (see #10, above), bringing the enemies back and maybe even randomizing the location layout.


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    The last patch was released in 2014 (v1.1.5) - back then, Deity Quest was still in Steam Greenlight (and had been stuck in there a while). The steam version was released when it got through steam in 2015, but the version is essentially the same as the last patch released in 2014, I just integrated the steam API and fixed steam-specific bugs. This game is pretty old and I haven't released a patch in a while (although I did consider doing an update at one point), but I'll go through all of your feedback:
    1. The save password button works for me. If I log out, then next time I try to log in it will ask me for my username and password again, but until I log out, it automatically logs me in whenever I restart the game. Are you logging out before closing the game?
    2. Yeah... the whole 1 byte problem that was very prevalent in old games. I probably should've expected that people will get beyond 255 apples at some point. This should probably be changed to 2 bytes (you're lost apples wont come back, but that'll let you obtain up to 65,535 apples).
    3. Yeah, this has been mentioned by a few people. Because the other follower list has no limits (infinite), I never really saw a reason to literally get rid of a follower permanently, especially since the other followers list is kind of like the "get rid of" followers box. But for players who field more than 2 teams of 6 and consistently switch out depending on the area, I can see this being a problem. I should either allow you to permanently delete or allow sorting like #4.
    4. See above.
    5. I don't see how resetting the bar will help - you'll run into similar problems to it getting full if you aren't able to organize and drag on individual items. Since this is in the tutorial, I think it's fine.
    6. I wanted to give players a bonus for raising a follower from a low level instead of just converting a high level one. Otherwise, your early followers which are weaker in general than later followers would be pretty useless, but I can see how that feels cheaty. Maybe lowering the boost would help.
    7. This is another known issue. I should probably fix it.
    8. Yaktaur bowmen don't learn strike except by books (they wouldn't even be able to hit with strike unless they were at the front). However, the reason it shows normal is weak to ?? is because Frostbite deals normal damage (exactly like shoot Shoot), but also gets additional ice damage over what shoot would do. Their stats are lower because they essentially get to use frostbite (a 1MP spell) for free, infinitely. They are pretty weak, but part of that might be that the frostbite spell isn't super powerful or the lowered skill stat weakens frostbite more than the extra ice damage adds.
    9. Anywhere you see an item, chest or enemy, that is a part of the location you can reach. If you're seeing chests that you can't reach, there's probably another way to get to it. There are sections of forests and other locations that are simply inaccessible because of blockers, but those are empty and barren. I did consider allowing surfing and flying, but never got around to it. You can however cross water with bridge items, but except in a few specific cases, that usually leads to empty/barren areas.
    10. If you've 100% cleared out an area, you're probably ready to move on to the next area. I don't want you staying around and grinding forever in low level areas. There is one area that always resets every time you visit it that unlocks at the end of the game (extended version only), and it is mainly to convert high level followers of earlier types and complete your bestiary.
    11. As I said above, 100% clearing areas was never meant to be a common thing. But, a mid-boss would be pretty cool. I'll add it on the "nice to have" list.
    I'll roll the fixes I agreed to above into the next update, which has been planned for a while and even has a small art update. However, Deity Quest isn't very high on our priority list right now, so it could be a while before the update goes live.
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