Press Release: I Can't Escape: Darkness: Gameplay Trailer & September Release Date

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I Can't Escape: Darkness: Gameplay Trailer & September Release Date

Surprise Earlier Release Date, Tons of New Gameplay Footage

Arizona - August 26, 2015 - I Can't Escape: Darkness™ will step onto PC, Mac and Linux on September 17th, 2015. Fancy Fish Games announced the updated release date in a new terrifying gameplay trailer teeming with game locales, items, and characters. The new gameplay trailer can be found here:

The new trailer introduces players to a death message they will see all too often when failing (or winning) the game - "After X steps..." Players will see this message that details their efforts, and have the option to share their progress directly from the death screen via Twitter. Here's an example:

The updated release date of Sept. 17th will surprise players who have been waiting anxiously since the 2013 release of the original "I Can't Escape" and were expecting a release in October.

"The game is 100% done, tested, and ready to go," says Fancy Fish Games Founder David Maletz. He adds, "We've been having a great time adding additional features and polish, and really making I Can't Escape: Darkness something special."

I Can't Escape: Darkness™ is an atmospheric horror adventure game that pulls you into a living dungeon where everything conspires against your escape. It is an immersive journey into the unknown, personified by the Darkness itself. Your odds of escape are slim, and when you fail, the dungeon will change before you can try again. Defend yourself from the Darkness with whatever light you can find; once your light burns out, the Darkness will consume you.

The Steam Store page for I Can't Escape: Darkness™ can be found at:

The game will launch at a price point of $11.99 USD.

New Gameplay Trailer:

Full Trailer Download:


Press Kit Including Additional Gameplay Footage:

Official Twitter:

About Fancy Fish Games:

Fancy Fish Games began in 2012 as a quest to become a full-time independent game development studio. The team of family and friends have a prolific work history including Deity Quest, Deus Shift, Drawscape, A Different Color, Rythos!,Trip Through Time, and I Can't Escape. Fancy Fish Games is also currently developing Havencall.
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