Deity Quest Released!

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After 10 months of hard work, we have finally made it to release day - and we're on time! Deity Quest has been completed, tested, balanced, re-balanced, re-tested, etc and finally we're at the end of that long journey, and have a polished game to share! This is how we feel right now:

Triumphant from the the Deity Quest Soundtrack!

Deity Quest is our first full-length game (the average BETA tester took 16 hours to reach completion), and I hope you enjoy! You can play the demo on newgrounds here: , and you can also play the Android demo on Google Play here: ! To buy the full version, visit the Deity Quest Homepage . We are also working on getting the game on Desura, and as mentioned in the last news post, we are on Steam Greenlight, so vote YES if you want to see Deity Quest on Steam!

Thanks for all your support! And now, for some screenshots!

Challenge Menu
The multiplayer challenge menu! Here you can see another's stats, active and reserve followers, and if you feel like you can beat them, click Challenge!

Cast Meteor
Ryga casting Meteor on my followers in a boss fight!

My Trades
Part of the trading menu - here you can manage your trades, view offers on your trades and accept offers when you're ready to make the trade!

That's all for this update, but I hope you're all as excited about the release as I am!
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