End of the Year

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We're coming fast to the end of the year - a time to reflect on how things went and plan ahead for the future. And it was quite the year for me - I joined One Game A Month and released four games - doubling the number of games I have released. I also attempted my first crowd-funded project - Rhythos RPG Builder, and while it failed, I learned a lot from it and have the beginnings of a very useful toolset for future games. I'm also over halfway done with Deity Quest (a larger game project I started after One Game A Month), and I even submitted Deity Quest to the IGF. It's been a busy year, and while I'm still not able to work full time on game development, I've made some big strides, and have even bigger plans for next year!

Projects Completed in 2013
Check here
to see the four games we released this year, along with descriptions and comments about the development and release of those games!

Ongoing Projects in 2013
Click here
to see news about Havencall and Deity Quest, which should be released early next year!

So, what comes next? Well, hopefully Deity Quest and Havencall will be released and successful. The more successful games I release, the further I get in my goal to one day make this a full time indie game studio! I've certainly been learning a lot and improving in both game design, programming and marketing my games (while I don't like marketing, I have to at least know how to contact press and let people know my games are released). And of course, I always have new game ideas - two of which have complete design documents and are planned to begin production next year! Both of these games are pretty big in scope, and I finally have a design that fits my epic These Falling Stars world and story, so look forward to that!

Also, I just posted a Lets Play Policy, allowing you to upload, stream and monetize videos of our games with no restrictions - click the link for more details.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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