Ongoing Projects in 2013

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Deity Quest was started after Rhythos RPG Builder failed. I had gotten far off track from One Game A Month, and I wanted to develop one of the larger game ideas I had. Deity Quest mixes up the elements of pokemon, rpgs and dungeon crawlers and has an interesting 6 vs 6 battle system where you support your followers with items and spells. There's a lot of depth and strategy to Deity Quest's battles, but it is also accessible for casual players as the battles can be largely automated. If completed (which, at the rate I'm going it should be done by March of next year at the latest), Deity Quest will be the largest game in terms of features and gameplay length that I have ever made. With all of the base framework done (and several iterations of testing, tweaking and balancing the core), along with over half of the gameplay complete, I'm confident that I will finish this game early next year (and then have time to balance, playtest and get another beta out before March).


And what's the deal with Havencall? Well, right now, the ball is in Natalie's court, as all of the base framework is done and I need assets before I start adding content to the game. However, she's been getting a lot of art and backgrounds done, and even though we have to keep pushing the release date forward, she's promised now to have all the art done by March of next year, and the game will hopefully be released a few months after that!
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