Spacefaring Update 1.5.5 is out!

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Update 1.5.5 brings a lot of new features, and some new content (including a small dwarf planet), and I'm very excited for it as it's the backbone for what will be the final stage of the game - travelling between planets! Spacefaring has always been one of my goals in Aground - I wanted you to be able to eventually build up to travelling between planets, but start the game having no idea that was even possible.

I also set up a Patreon here if you want to support my work! It might not seem like much, but every dollar counts!

The full changelog for this update is as follows:
  • Added Orbit and the ability to travel between planets.

  • Added a new planet.
  • You can now build space stations in orbit.

  • Added underground structures (and an event that will make them very useful).

  • Added ladders and walkways for stacking surface structures.

  • Added several new songs! Here's a really cool video of Chase composing one of them:

The following changes affect the demo as well:
  • Cables and rails can now be placed vertically.
  • Structures now operate even when away from the island.
  • Blueprint error guides (they visually show you what is blocking the structure from being built).
  • Combat update! I tweaked how combat works yet again - it is now easier to defeat enemies without taking any damage (by dodging), but also more dangerous to blindly mash the attack key as they will knock you back out of range.
  • 4 more hotkeys have been added by popular demand.
  • Miner now gives a quest about minecarts.
  • Builder will explain sticky items when you build the storehouse, and sticky items now are placed above others in the inventory.
Enjoy, and as always, don’t be shy if you have any questions or feedback - we are always happy to hear from our players. And don’t forget to join the social channels below if you haven’t already:




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