Expanded Science Path - Update 1.4.2!

When we released the early access version with update 1.4.0, you could go all the way to building a spaceship like we promised, but many things we wanted to add before you left the planet (higher tech upgrades, power cores) didn’t make it in. So, for our first update in Early Access, we added a new quest on the Science Path (talk to the Fisherman), with new enemies, equipment, upgrades and more!


If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve also added a roadmap which details all our plans for Early Access Updates up through the full release. We will be working on the magic path to space next. You can expect it to be complete by the end of September. But first, we’ll be heading off to PAX West in Seattle to show off the game! If you’re going to be there, be sure to stop by at booth 663 (with the Indie Megabooth)! There will be goodies to be had! And Aground cosplay!

Not the nicest addition to Sunset Haven...

I don’t want to spoil everything this update adds, but there are many new items including power cables (for connecting generators to buildings), new blueprints, higher tech upgrades, a new skill, a new vehicle, craftable robot NPCs and many tweaks and minor improvements (including the ability to change your appearance at the surgery lab). As mentioned above, be sure to talk to the Fisherman, and check out the factory for new stuff!

There are still more things we wanted to add for the science path (like starting island upgrades, which you can see in the above gif), but we needed to prepare for PAX. We might post it with a bugfix update after PAX, but we also want to get cracking on the magic path update!

Wish us luck at PAX - we'll be sure to take lots of pics for those who can't make it.


  • If you already have the early access version do you need to buy the update aswell?
  • No, all updates (including the full version) are included in the early access - Steam and the itch.io client will automatically download the update, otherwise you'll have to download the update manually and extract the zip file.
  • How do I download and unzip the latest update so it works with Aground when I open it using WinRar? I don't have Steam, so I just play it directly running on my desktop.
  • Download the latest .zip file from itch.io, and extract the contents into a folder to get the update.
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