Aground Update 1.2.1

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This update is the first of two general improvement updates. They might not add much new content (nor the boss fights everyone's waiting for), but they do add a lot of minor features. While I consider this a minor update, it does have a LOT of new changes, as you can see from the changelog below.


For those who haven't heard, our Kickstarter completed successfully, and we're moving forward with the full first planet to post on Steam Early Access (and other platforms like You can read more about that and our plans here: Kickstarter Success! What's Next?. If you want to see Aground on GOG as well, you'll have to convince them that it's worth adding by voting here.

The full changelog is as follows:

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    Elemental strengths and weaknesses. All elements resist themselves, and follow this type table (replace Life with Plant). We'll definitely be expanding on this system in later updates.
  • Added more enchantments to the Forge (Magic Island - including enchanting items from science island).
  • Dragons can now live in the dragon lair. This also makes it easier to fly between islands, and you don't auto collect the dragon when returning.
  • Net capturing is no longer always successful - it has to do with the health of the enemy and the difficulty of the enemy, and makes the system more interesting. Eventually, this will lead to better nets and capturing more powerful familiars.
  • Improved item descriptions - they now show a lot more details.
  • Added a Furnace, Campfire and Tent which are craft-able and very useful.
  • You can also now place the anvil and workbench, setting up a pretty functional home away from home.
  • Fire weapons now deal damage over time.
  • Enemies can now drop multiple types of loot (and the Dragon drops Dragonblood).
  • Backgrounds now cap so if you travel far enough out to sea, there is only open ocean. The sailboat also now has the full player sprite layers too. This will help for the upcoming seafaring update.
  • The Wyrm Queen now respawns. This will let you get more Spirit Gems (and Dragonblood) if you need them.
  • If your flying armor breaks, or you remove it, you now fall instead of getting stuck. This is also a way down from the floating islands. You will take falling damage though, and be warned, if you fall into the ocean before the seafaring update, it's instant death!
  • You can now rename the starting island. Talk to the farmer once you've completed all his quests. This is for fun, and it also lets you name your save file.
  • Dragon-equipment has been balanced and improved, and you can now auto-feed and equip when it breaks (assuming you have food and an alter gem handy).
  • You can now set which projectile to use by default for ranged weapons.
  • Optimized island generation - it now doesn't stall for a while to load the new islands the first time on older computers.
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
The next update will be another one like this, and will include a day/night cycle, lighting, and possibly character customization and sailing/flying between islands (along with several other improvements from player suggestions). After that, we'll finish up the Science island, followed by the Magic island!

Enjoy, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback!
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