Aground 1.0.10

Explore dangerous caves, find new secrets, and meet a mysterious new NPC in this update!


The full changelog is as follows:
  • Added caves and dungeons to the map.
  • Added 1 new enemy type.
  • Added 1 new NPC and quests for him.
  • Added enchanted axe quest.
  • Added underground music track.
  • Added enemy health bars.
  • Added burn flame effect.
  • You can now rename familiars.
  • Improved mod support.
  • Miner gets coal automatically if there is no coal left.
  • Added feed amount to feed info window so you know the effectiveness of different foods.
  • Fixed memory leak - may improve performance.
  • Stopped page from scrolling in HTML5 when using mouse wheel on a scroll window in game.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements/balance changes.

There will be one more major update including new islands (and perhaps a few minor updates) for the free version of the game. After that, we are now planning to run a Kickstarter at the end of this month and fund development for an Early Access version of the game - we hope you'll support us when it is live!

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I hope you enjoy!
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