Major Demo Update

Our Kickstarter was a success, and we have just released version 0.2.06 of the Demo, which you can download and play here:

</reality> Beta Demo 0.2.19

This major update includes the following changes:

  • Many editing passes to improve the pacing and flow of the story. Scenes have been cut, re-arranged and added, and we feel that the story is much stronger and more concise now! We also cut the prologue, as it wasn’t immediately relevant, and was confusing to many readers. The prologue sequence will now appear later in the game.
Updated Demo Screenshots
A new MMO scene we added - it helps set up the start now that the prologue has been removed.
  • Added new art to several scenes to help bring them to life, and show instead of tell.
    Updated Demo Screenshots
  • Added more character art to make the characters more expressive.
  • Removed the character glow on speaking, and replaced it with some scaling and darkening which relates who is currently speaking without feeling out of place. We’ve also done some minor improvements to the UI (although this is still an alpha version - more UI fixes will be coming).
    Dialogue Gif
  • Chase, our composer, composed the Full Realms theme (the VRMMO that Lilya plays).

    Mainframe Loop - Indie DB
  • Added a login screen for Full Realms.
    Updated Demo Screenshots
The demo (chapter one) isn’t completely done - we still have some placeholder assets to replace and more music/sound effects to add. But, it’s starting to feel more polished and we are very pleased with the pacing! Chapter one is the first thing players experience, so we want to make sure it’s very exciting and interesting.

As always, many of these changes have been thanks to awesome player feedback! If you play through the demo and have any thoughts for us, please don’t hesitate to share it in a comment here or via our google feedback survey!

We are now forging ahead and focusing on chapter two - look forward to more updates as development progresses!

Lilya is celebrating the success of the Kickstarter and our progress towards completing the game!
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