I just want to know what will be added in 1.2...
You could add:
-An Achievement for obtaining the magic glowing sword
-More Monsters
-More Special Floors
-And Much More...
When will 1.2 be released,and what will be new in it?


  • There will be a new update that I should hopefully release by tomorrow that is mostly improvements to the soundscape (and adds sfx).

    I've contemplated adding more monsters and floors, but it is unlikely to be anytime soon.
  • Because it looks like i will get your game soon!
    I haven't played it,is it HARD to escape?
  • Cool, I hope you enjoy! It is very hard to escape (although there is a guide on Steam that explains how to do it in a lot of detail if you get stuck). Currently only about 4% of players have escaped - but even if you don't escape, there's lots of secrets to explore and find!
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