Can i be I Can't Escape:Darkness's Alpha/Beta Tester?

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Can i be I Can't Escape:Darkness's Alpha/Beta Tester?PLEEEEEEASE!I want to test the game for you!
I like both you and the game!PLEASE can you send t he game to me?


  • The Alpha/Beta tests are long over (as the game is released), and we no longer need testers.
  • No!Why!!!!!!!!!!Please david maletz,how can i get the game without buying it [ESXCEPT PIRACY]?
  • As I answered in this thread, there's a giveaway coming up soon. But, since it's not a free game, aside from the giveaway, a few press/promotional copies and the alpha and beta versions before the game is released, the game is not available to freely download legally.
  • When the game is released?Help!I can't log or register in to both steam and steamgifts!
    Will the game be available for free when it's released?
  • Account could not be verified with 0 games, valued at $0.00. Required value, $100.00. Please wait another 9 minutes before trying again.
    HELP!Is it an error?
  • The game released back in September 2015. As for issues with logging in to steam or steamgifts, you'll have to ask them what's going on (I have no clue what that error means).
  • Can i get the game on steamgifts without logging in?
  • Maybe it's because i have $ 0 on my steam wallet:-{.I wanted tjhe game [Crying],and NEVER gonna get it!WHY WHY WHY!
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