Can i get i cant escape darkness for free?And where?

I don't really want buy it,but i WANT THE GAME,so please give me link to download for free
Please no virus,no survey,and no registration!


  • Oh,i nearly forgot - NO DEMO!Full version with no virus,no surbvey,and no registration required!
  • Err... the only way to get the game for free is to pirate it, and it's a little strange to ask for a pirated version on the developer's website :P .

    I Can't Escape: Darkness will be available (legally) in a giveaway soon if you want to test your luck however:
  • When will i cant escape darkness be available for free?
  • Help, i haven't got it!What should i do to get the game for free?
    Can you give me the game personally?PLEASE DAVID MALETZ PLEASE!I can't download it anywhere else!
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